Walker or Rollator?

For many people, a little extra assistance with walking longer distances can be very beneficial.  If a cane is no longer providing the proper support then most therapists or doctors will recommend a rollator or walker. In the past few years there have been numerous changes in the designs of walkers making them lighter and much easier to fold. The new rollators even come in a multitude of colours making them fun as well as functional! When choosing a rollator or walker there are a number of important considerations:

Will you be using it outdoors as well as indoors?

If using it outdoors you should consider looking at a rollator with larger wheels on it as they will be more stable outside. Wider wheels also track better over rougher surfaces.

Will you be lifting onto a bus, up stairs, or into a vehicle? 

Lighterweight walkers are better if you are lifting the walker. You also want to look at whether you have to remove the basket before it can be folded and if so how easy is it to remove.

Do you have limited space for storing it?

If you have a small home you should look at walkers that fold up smaller and can stand on their own when folded so they can easily be stored in a closet or hallway.

Do you need financial assistance to cover 75% to 100% of the cost of purchasing the walker or rollator?

We can work with you to determine what funding you would be eligible for and walk you through the application process. We are authorized vendors for the various provincial funding programs, Veteran’s Affairs Canada and Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. We also work directly with insurance companies.

A properly fitted walker/rollator should greatly reduce the risk of a person from falling and injuring themselves as they provide support when someone is feeling off balance. On the other hand, a poorly fitted walker can actually cause more strain on knee joints (wrong seat height) and the back (wrong handle height). Rollators also have seats built into them to provide a convenient and comfortable resting spot as needed.

At MEDIchair we work with people to make sure they get the proper rollator or walker for them.

Article submitted by Allison Rolph-Seiderer,Co-owner of MEDIchair Trent in Peterborough ON