Bed Accessories for a Safe and Healthy Sleep Environment

Often, specific medical conditions make it necessary for people to use bed accessories that facilitate repositioning and easy movement in bed. These assistive devices are simple add-ons to beds and can be installed with relative ease. MEDIchair’s offering of bed accessories are designed to fit in-home and hospital beds, while improving safety and accessibility. Some of our most commonly used accessories are:

Bed Rails

Bed rails are rigid plastic or metallic bars that are attached to the sidestander ez adjust bed rail of the bed, primarily to prevent users from rolling off the bed and injuring themselves. Most bed rails are easy to install and require minimal assembly. Bed rails also come in an extended size; this type of bed rail tends to be useful for transporting patients while they are still in bed, without any danger of harm.

In general, bed rails can be attached to beds of most sizes, and offer several features to cater to specific user needs. For instance, the EZ Adjust Bed Rail is best for patients who frequently get in and out of bed because its length can be adjusted post-installation. This feature allows the user to take advantage of varying lengths that are optimal for different functions – like repositioning in bed, getting out of bed, as well as general support. This model also offers a flip-down option, which keeps the bed rail relatively discrete when it is not being used. Bed rails also vary by the stander bed cane in blackdegree of severity of the patient’s condition. The Stander bed Cane, for example, is the simplest bed rail and is especially designed for people who only need a little extra support. Other models like the Stander bed Rail Advantage Traveler offer advantages like portability.

Above all, bed rails prioritize a user’s safety, and are designed to give stability to his or her movements in bed. The increase in mobility as a result of

bed rails gives patients a measure of independence and a sense of control over their environment. Moreover, bed rails alleviate their anxiety about involuntary falls while sleeping, thereby contributing to a positive sleeping environment.

 invacare tilt top overbed tableOverbed table

These assistive devices have immense utility for people who are confined to the bed for relatively long periods of time. Overbed tables have adjustable heights, allowing users to comfortably eat, read, write and use laptops at an optimum height that does not strain their bodies. Certain models like the Invacare Tilt-Top Overbed Table have the tilt-top feature, which allows users to angle the table in a position that makes activities like reading significantly easier. People also tend to use these tables as additional space to keep books, medicines and other personal care items, which keeps them nearby for easy access.

Bed Caddiestander bed caddie

A bed caddie is an accessory that attaches to the bedframe at the foot of the bed, and has three ladder-like graded rungs that allow people to gradually sit up. The user is able to rise incrementally until he or she is in an upright seated position. This assistive device is indispensable for people who are rehabilitating, pregnant women and people with a limited range of motion.

MEDIchair offers the Stander Bed Caddie, which is easy to install and detach from any bedframe, and can be used by people of all heights. The bed caddie also has a safe no-slip grip, and is of customizable length to fit different preferences.

When purchasing these any of these bed accessories for your loved one or yourself, it is important to bear in mind that these assistive devices are not meant to confine the user to the bed. Rather, they are designed to increase the scope of movement and within and around the bed. To find out more about these or any other bed accessories, get in touch with one of our specialists at 1-800-667-0087.