KCI AtmosAir™ 4000

AtmosAir™ 4000 with SAT™ Mattress Replacement System The Self-Adjusting Technology Advantage.
Manufacturer: KCI

The KCI AtmosAir with SAT 4000 utilizes an “open-pressurized”, Self-Adjusting Technology (SAT) system consisting of four longitudinally positioned cylinders.


  • Self-Adjusting Technology helps maximize body weight displacement and minimize tissue interface pressure by automatically reacting to body movement, altitude and temperature by adjusting the internal air pressure
  • Four air cylinders offer non-powered pressure relief via four zones of lengthwise pressure redistribution
  • Firm perimeter provides seating support for the caregiver or patient
  • Sloped heel section helps to transfer weight off of the delicate heel and onto the calf and thigh area of the leg


  • Meets Canadian Standards for Mattress Combustion, No. 27.7, In compliance with the Hazardous Products Act
  • Available with an optional fire sleeve
  • Warranty:Five year warranty
  • Cover Choices:TheraTex™ Mattress Cover: offers highly durable low MVTR coverlet with Teflon®
  • Cover Choices: Recovery5™ multi-way stretch: A higher MVT, multi-directional stretch material for enhanced patient immersion and pressure redistribution
  • Bottom Choices Standard: A 10 oz. non-skid bottom material (recommended for use on smooth, pan-type bed frame)
  • Bottom Choices Optional: A 12 oz. vinyl bottom material (recommended for use on spring-type bed frame)

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