KCI Skin IQ™ Microclimate Manager

Simple Features, Sophisticated Performance.
Manufacturer: KCI

Simple Features, Sophisticated Performance.

The Skin IQ™ Microclimate Manager (MCM) is a water resistant, vapor-permeable, bacterial/viral barrier cover system that uses KCI's unique Negative Airflow Technology.

The Skin IQ™ MCM is an immediately accessible, for-purchase, single-patient product, leading to early intervention. When used in conjunction with a pressure redistribution mattress, Skin IQ™ MCM is an excellent alternative to traditional Low Air Loss Therapy.

The Skin IQ™ MCM can be used to help prevent and treat pressure ulcers due to its ability to help keep the patient dry and comfortable, effectively manage the skin microclimate, and provide general patient comfort.


  • A water resistant, vapor-permeable device that has a bacterial and viral barrier cover
  • Negative Airflow Technology (NAT) continually draws excess moisture away from the skin surface and helps reduce skin temperature
  • Helps control odor
  • Designed for compatibility with pressure redistribution mattresses on the market today (eg, AtmosAir™ 9000 Mattress Replacement System)
  • Outstanding moisture vapor transfer rate (MVTR) of 130 (g/m2)/hr — greater than the average MVTR (97.7 (g/m2)/hr) for conventional Low Air Loss surfaces
  • Top layer material helps reduce shear and friction
  • Helps maintain comfort and dry skin
  • Can be stocked in your facility for immediate deployment
  • Quick, intuitive setup and maintenance
  • Low profile design and CPR-ready


  • For sale, disposable, single patient use coverlet – 60 days
  • Vapor permeable, fluid resistant top cover material is a bacterial and viral cover and foam insert impregnated with Ultra-Fresh Freshness Protection.
  • Moisture vapor transfer rate (MVTR) = 130g/m2x hr *
  • Flame retardant
  • Low noise air pump provides negative pressure operation
  • No need to deflate for CPR; Skin IQ™ MCM is ready for hospital CPR protocols
  • Dimensions - Length 80-84" - Width 35-36" - Depth ¼"
  • Weight - Recommended patient weight limit: Up to 500lbs**

* Reger S, Adams T, Maklebust JA, Sahgal V. Validation Test for Climate Control on Air-Loss Supports. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. May 2001; 82:597-603.
** Consult frame and pressure redistribution surface manufacturer(s) for maximum weight capacity

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