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TENA® Flex Super

Fully breathable one piece belted brief style promotes less heat build-up against the skin.
Manufacturer: Tena

Fully breathable one piece belted brief style promotes less heat build-up against the skin, to help promote overall skin health for those with moderate to heavy incontinence.

A design breakthrough for wearers and caregivers. Easier and quicker to change than traditional products, TENA® Flex™ is highly rated by caregivers of individuals who are bedridden, require assistance or have sensitive skin. This unique belted brief is designed to minimize the need for lifting and has been proven to reduce the risk of back strain on caregivers to make changing less intrusive for the wearer.

Wearers also appreciate the thin discreet design with InstaDri Skin-Caring System™ technology for outstanding dryness; the 100% breathable Air-Dry Layer™ backsheet that lets air circulate to prevent dampness on the skin and improve user comfort; the shape that leaves the hips and thighs uncovered, preventing chafing or sweatiness; and odour control for total freshness.


  • EXTRA WIDE COMFISTRETCH™ BELT New gray colour is more clothing-like for greater comfort & dignity. Conforms to the body's natural contours and movements ensuring a snug, more comfortable, body-close fit. Soft, airy, non-irritating belt material has hook and loop fastening.  Extra wide belt and center hook minimize product rollover to maximize wearer comfort.
  • FLEXIBLE ELASTIC BANDS Added on the belt for increased ease of movement against the body.
  • INSTADRI SKIN-CARING SYSTEM™  Improves surface dryness, promoting healthier skin.
  • ABSORBENT CORE Thin for better fit, comfort and discretion. Wide in the back for increased coverage.
  • ALL AROUND AIR CIRCULATION SKIN-CARING® BACKCOVER Combines skin-friendly textile covering and breathable Air Dry Layer™ which allows liquid and odours to stay in while allowing water vapor to escape. Imprinted with visual application instructions to make it easier for the staff to apply the product.


  • Size 8: 61-87 cm (24-34”), 3 Pkgs of 30 Pcs/Case, Peach
  • Size 12: 71-107 cm (28-42”), 3 Pkgs of 30 Pcs/Case, Green
  • Size 16: 84-127 cm (33-50”), 3 Pkgs of 30 Pcs/Case, Yellow
  • Size 20: 104-155 cm (41-61”), 3 Pkgs of 30 Pcs/Case, Grey



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