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Respironics FullLife Mask

A revolutionary design makes the full-face mask more compact and less intrusive.
Manufacturer: Philips

A revolutionary design makes FullLife a great choice for both men and women who need a full-face mask but prefer something more compact and less intrusive than other full-face masks. To accomplish that, we eliminated the conventional forehead pad and provided a clear sight line. To enhance comfort, we used a dual-textured cushion that aids with assembly and prevents mask movement on the face. A clever headgear design further improves mask fit while simplifying application and removal.

FullLife is latex free.


  • With just one faceplate to fit all sizes.
  • We wanted to minimize bulkiness and weight. Yet, we challenged ourselves to maximize performance, comfort, and durability. One of the primary ways we did that was to eliminate the traditional forehead pad. That, in turn, removed a common pressure point and cleared the wearer's view.
  • While FullLife may be small in stature, its dual-textured cushion surface creates a robust seal even during patient movement at night. Helping to keep everything securely in place, our straightforward, step-by-step numbered headgear system assures seal, while simplifying application and removal.

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