Cane or Walker?

A walking aid, such as a cane or walker, can help you stay more independent and avoid falls. Remember to keep your walking aid within easy reach when you're in a chair or in bed. And learn how to use it safely so you don't injure yourself.

Using a Cane

If you have a stronger side, hold the cane on that side.

  • Get your balance.
  • Move the cane and your weaker leg forward.
  • Support your weight on both the cane and your weaker side.
  • Step with your stronger leg.
  • Start again from step 1
  • Have an Ice Pick installed on your cane

Using a Walker

If you are using a folding walker, be sure you understand how to lock it open and check that it is locked open before each use.

  • Roll the walker (or lift it, if you're using one without wheels) forward about 12 inches.
  • Step forward with your weaker leg first.
  • Use the walker to help keep your balance.
  • Bring your other foot forward to the center of the walker.
  • Start again from step 1.

Article submitted by Susan Tarrant. Manager of MEDIchair Newmarket, Ontario.