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Lift Chairs

older man in lift chairMaking Your Lift Chair Fit Your Lifestyle

The purpose of a lift chair is to gradually lift a person to a standing position or ease her/him into a sitting position without causing injury. This mobility device is designed to look and feel like a recliner so it can provide maximum comfort while blending in with the furniture in your home.

Ergonomically, our lift chairs are designed to perfectly contour the body for maximum comfort. Their design provides floor space under the front of the chair to allow you to find your center of gravity when you stand up. They are very stable, so your movement on and off the chairs will not cause them to tip over or slip away. Ultimately, lift chairs are designed to minimize the risk of a fall and reduce the strain on joints.

Here are few aspects of your life that your lift chair should fit:

man in blue lift chairFit Your Mobility Requirements

It’s important to see if the chair is the right fit for your height, weight, and mobility requirements. For this reason, it is important to try the lift chair before you buy it. Lift chairs are largely two-position or three-position. The main difference between them is that three-position chairs offer the possibility of a full recline. Other lift chair models, like the Pride Mobility LL-570T Lift Chair, offer infinite positioning, allowing you to keep the chair in a position that is comfortable and just right for you.

Often chairs offer additional features depending on your mobility requirements. For instance, some chairs can be customized to improve posture or reduce pressure for people with spinal curvatures like Kyphosis or Lordosis of the spine. People with Parkinson’s also report therapeutic benefits when using lift chairs with the massage feature, as it can help to calm tremors. Massage and heat features together can also be beneficial for people suffering from arthritic problems.

When you are seated, the arms of the chair should be at a level where they can support your weight and provide you sufficient grip. The chair back should be relatively high to allow you to maintain good posture as far as possible, yet flexible enough to keep you comfortable. When you’re seated in the upright position, your feet should be on the floor and not dangling above it. In some cases where people cannot do without the assistance of a lift chair, we occasionally recommend the use of a seat assist so that they can sit down and stand up in other rooms of the house. However, a lift chair is almost always the primary recommendation.

older woman in blue lift chairFit Your Home

While the foremost consideration should be the degree to which the lift chair improves your mobility, it is also important to make sure the chair fits your living space. Before you make your purchase, be sure you know where you intend to place the chair. Think about its distance from a wall, whether it will be in the way as you and others walk in and out of the room, and whether it can fit in the room when stretched out to full recline. For example, if you don’t have a lot of space, you might prefer a wall hugger model like the Pride Mobility LL-805, which will allow you to recline even when placed against a wall.

It’s important to let the MEDIchair team know about your aesthetic preferences as well, since lift chairs come in fabrics of different designs and colours to complement the décor of your home.

Fit Your Support Requirements

If you purchase your lift chair from MEDIchair, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. All our chairs come with a combination of long-term and lifetime warranties on specific parts that suffer wear and tear over the years. We also offer 24-hour call out service on our lift chairs. If you ever have trouble with your chair or need a quick repair, you can get in touch with the MEDIchair technicians who will arrange to come to your home, if necessary, and address the issue.

The staff at MEDIchair will provide you with all the information necessary to ensure that your lift chair is the right fit for you and your home.