Improve your Mobility with our Daily Living Aids

Here at MEDIchair, it is important to us that restrictions to your mobility do not detract from the quality of your life. To this end, we work to provide you with mobility equipment and assistive devices that make everyday activities easier – at home and at work.

Aids for Daily Living or ADL’s are simple devices that allow people with limited mobility to achieve a greater degree of control over their surroundings. These devices enable greater independence and self-reliance at home and in the workplace.

These assistive devices are indispensable for people who are rehabilitating post-surgery, pregnant women, older people with joint problems, as well as people with special accessibility requirements. These people find it difficult to engage in tasks that involve a range of movements –like lifting, stretching and bending. Aids to daily living enable people to perform activities like bending to tie shoelaces and unscrewing jars in ways that are more comfortable.

In the Kitchen

Kitchen aids are a section of aids for daily living that make it easier for people to perform everyday tasks in
the kitchen.

one touch can openerCan opener: Drive’s One Touch Can Opener is an assistive device that makes it easier for people who have limited use of their hands or unsteady hands to open cans – with just one touch. This useful device is essential for people who cook regularly, but are unable to avoid nicks, cuts and injuries due to the serrated edges of an open can.

Jar Opener: The Magic Twist is a product that makes it easy for people with arthritis or reduced grip strength to open jars. It is easy to install and remains unobtrusive in the kitchen as it is attached to the outside of a cabinet base.


At Home

One of our most commonly retailed aids to daily living is a Hip Kit, which is most beneficial for people with arthritis or joint pain as a result of age. It extends the reach of patients without straining their backs and joints. The hip kit contains five items that can be individually purchased, and is designed for people who are recovering from hip surgery or suffer from arthritis. These products are designed to minimize bending and reduce the overall strain that household tasks put on the hip, in order to ensure a speedier recovery.

hand held reacherHand Held Reacher: This device allows a user to reach objects that are placed at too high or too low a level, without straining her/his body. It has a rubber grip on one end, and a claw-like mechanism on the other that latches on to objects like jars and cans.

Long Handled Bath Sponge: This bath sponge is attached to a long handle that allows the use to reach parts of the body – like the small of the back – that would ordinarily require some stretching. It can also be used to clean the tops of shelves and window ledges, which are hard to reach.

stocking aidStocking Aid or Sock Aid: This device assists the user in putting on her/his socks without bending. The user slips the sock over the two handles and lowers it to the floor in order to slide her/his foot into the sock opening.

Elastic Laces: Elastic laces are a simple solution for people who wear lace-up shoes, but are unable to bend to tie or untie them. They transform lace-up shoes into slip-on shoes, which alleviates the need for bending.


Shoe Horn: This shoe horn has a long handle that allows the user to slip shoes on comfortably without bending.

In the Car

Aids for Daily Living for cars refer to devices that make travelling in a car easier for a person with limited mobility.

stander handy barHandy Bar: If you find that getting into an upright position and getting out of the car is proving difficult, you might require the support of a Stander Handy Bar. This useful device is a small handle that attaches quickly and firmly to the side of your car to assist you while standing up, and is just as easily removed after use.


Transfer Disc: The Swivel Transfer Disc device can be used in conjunction with a Handy Bar to get into the upright position with ease. This disc is placed on the seat of the car before sitting, and swivels to enable the user to safely get out of her/his seat in the car – almost like a “Lazy Susan,” thereby easing the strain on the shoulder. In the case of severe arthritis or injury, this device is necessary for the user to be able to fasten and unfasten her/his seatbelt without assistance.

Our ADL offering extends to include a variety of inexpensive aids to daily living that are not available in general retail stores. MEDIchair stores carry many of these devices in stock.